The ‘new normal’ brought on by these unprecedented times is a foreign concept for all of us, including students, teachers, and parents. So that our kids’ learning doesn’t take a backseat, technological platforms have come to the rescue in the form of ‘virtual classrooms’ or ‘online school.’

While in the traditional classrooms, teachers have been the primary educators; in the virtual set up, we parents need to step up to become facilitators. Although it is an added responsibility on us, our active and wholehearted participation is vital for a child’s progress.

A online class in progress

Stated below are some of the tips for a…

Covid-19 has directly or indirectly affected millions of families round the globe. After dodging the virus for over a year, I, a mother a 4.5-year-old twins tested positive for covid.

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When my husband informed me about my diagnosis, I was sitting with my children and reading some stories for them, and my instant reaction was that of total denial. How could have I caught the virus amidst taking all the necessary precautions. I barely showed any typical Covid-like symptoms and I consider myself quite healthy to catch the virus; this caused certain anguish and anger within me. However, it was…

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A common scenario we encounter… a child falls, gets hurt, and then follows a wail. The parent/caregiver runs to the rescue, pick up the child, and says, ‘Oh, nothing happened. Maybe you could sit here and play with some other toy.’ There is no more crying or any tantrum, the tension is diffused, and the situation is totally under control. What exactly happened here? The answer, how I see it, the child’s feelings have been invalidated, their emotions suppressed, and very successfully ‘distracted’ the child.


1. Works only for younger children:

While I was researching various methods to handle tantrums in my twins, I came across…

“Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. It enables you to keep growing” -Lawrence Bossidy

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Today, we hear a lot about emotional intelligence (EQ). There was a time when IQ was given enormous importance as a key to success. Now, with the changing times and a vast number of studies, EQ seems to have got its due as one of the vital elements to a person’s success.

Daniel Goleman, the psychologists who is considered as the guru of Emotional Intelligence, has named five components of EQ, of which Self Awareness is the…

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Ask a parent, “What do you want for your child?” pat comes the reply,” I want my child to be happy.” Put it in some other way,” What do you want your child to be when he/she grows up?”. Again, “Whatever makes him/her happy” promptly comes the response.

‘Happiness’ is all that we want for our children. As parents, we have an instinct to provide, which makes us think that we are the providers of our children’s happiness. We love the smile on their faces, and what would we not do? Keep that smile forever! Something we can’t tolerate is…

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Why do children throw tantrums? Only if we knew this, raising toddlers would be so much easier, right!

Tantrums are usually caused by unmet physical or emotional needs that a child encounters while growing up. In this post, let me walk you through the reasons for tantrums and how we parents could manage to avoid them (well…almost).

1. Being hungry or sleepy:

One of the most common causes of tantrums is the child being hungry or sleepy. This, in my opinion, is also the easiest one to avoid.

Tip: By simply having a specific routine such as mealtime and a sleep schedule, the tantrum caused…

Parenting is a beautiful experience with its own bittersweet experiences, challenges, learnings, and a whole lot of fun. But if there is something parents dread the most, it would be temper tantrums.

What is a tantrum?

A tantrum is an uncontrolled outburst of anger or frustration typically seen in children between the ages of 1–4 years and generally peaks around the age of 2. That is when we call it the phase of the ‘terrible two.’

So, I started experiencing these tantrums in my twins when they were going to be 2 years, and that is when I realized that the phase of the…

Dr Janice Morais

Parenting Coach, Montessori mom of twins, avid reader, learner, nature lover, believer of holistic living

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